More Illustrative Neo Traditional Tattoos By Teresa Sharpe

More Illustrative Neo Traditional Tattoos By Teresa Sharpe

Neo Traditional Tattoo By Teresa Sharpe is action-packed and interactive in her signature style.

A lot has changed in the life of Teresa Sharpe since winning Best Ink Season 2 and being featured on Tattoodo back in February 2014. Sharpe moved from Indiana to open her own tattoo shop, Unkindness Art in Richmond, Virginia and has grown her online following considerably.  

Sharpe's work could be lumped into the neo traditional category, however there are elements of illustrative realism style to some of her pieces, especially where animals are involved. 

No two backgrounds are ever the same in a tattoo by Teresa Sharpe. The abstract backgrounds are all unique and work perfectly to enhance the main imagery of each piece.

Since Sharpe works on many large-scale pieces, she's constantly updating her Instagram with work in progress photos.

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