More Photos by Haris Nukem, F*ck Yessss!

More Photos by Haris Nukem, F*ck Yessss!

Tattooed babes by a photography virtuoso. A feast for your f*cking eyes.

This is our fourth article about Haris Nukem, but really, there's never going to be enough. We could write about Nukem till the end of fucking time. His photography is bold and bright, and his subjects are drool-worthy-as-hell.

Grease me up, please.

We'd love to meet ANY of the folks in Nukem's portfolio, especially in a low-lit alley, His photographic treatment of them adds something special, something deeper, something darker, and it's just ... delicious.

Nukem's website is just chock full of naked, sweaty, oily, sexy, sexy, sexy tattooed babes of all flavors. Go to it. Enjoy yourself. He also has a store, so you could even have one of these beauties on your wall. You should also follow him on Instagram, so you have his work on your person at all times. 

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