More Rainbow Dotwork Tattoos By Tomas Garcia

More Rainbow Dotwork Tattoos By Tomas Garcia

Tomas Garcia has a tattoo style like no other - utilising rainbow colors and dotwork to create perfectly unique patterned tattoos.

We love writing about tattoo artists who have a very distinctive style - Tomas is one of these people!

Earlier this year we featured some of his work, and we just can't get enough so we had to share some more of our favourites with you!

Tomas uses hundreds of large dots within his designs to create texture and shapes. Bright, rainbow dots form the geometric surfaces of fruit and vegetables, or sometimes the outline of images such as the sun.

It takes a steady hand and an eye for immense detail to be able to create geometric, symmetrical and perfect tattoos like Thomas'. 

Tomas tattoos at LTW Tattoo, Barcelona, Spain. Follow him on Instagram.

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