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More Terrifying Tattoos by Kyle "Egg" Williams

More Terrifying Tattoos by Kyle "Egg" Williams

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Dark realistic body art of your darkest fears.

We have already featured some of his intensely dark portraits of slashers and monsters from horror movies once this Halloween season, but Kyle "Egg" Williams is such a prolific tattooist that we decided to share some more! His excellent depictions of unsettling figures from cinema as well as the real world are truly blood-curdling. Check out these pieces of body art that have the power to bring your deepest fears to the surface.

Williams has a knack for doing portraits of the scariest figures from horror films with cult followings. His incredibly dark approach to this style of tattooing aesthetically enhances the evil embodied by characters like Jason Voorhees and Pinhead. The illustrations of Freddy Krueger above epitomizes how Williams' heavy black saturation gives these depictions a truly nightmarish appearance. Also, his rendition of Ghostface is perhaps the best one we've ever seen.

We love the darkness of his grim-looking skull and bewitching closeup of a black cat. Much of his work reminds us that not all fear is rooted in fantasy.

A terrifyling skull by Kyle "Egg" Williams (IG—egg_ink). #blackandgrey #dark #KyleEggWilliams #portraiture #realism #skull

If you want to see more of Williams' mind-blowing realism, make sure to creep on over to his Instagram. Lastly, he works out of Grindhouse Tattoo Productions in Cheshire, England, if you want a horrifying tattoo of your own.

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