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Moses Mezoghlian's Flawless Traditional Tattoos

Moses Mezoghlian's Flawless Traditional Tattoos

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If you like your body art old school and with a lot of attitude, then you'll love this kickass tattooist's work.

There are a lot of talented traditional tattooists operating out of Australia nowadays, but few of them hold a candle to Moses D Mezoghlian's work. His take on the classic style is both bold and bright, but what truly sets it apart from the crowd is the radical temperament of his body art. Whether fearsome, sassy, or whimsical, each of his tattoos conveys a powerful sense of attitude. The way he characterizes his figures, even if they are some of the most common of motifs, brings nuance to this longstanding genre of tattoos.

Mezoghlian works with relatively narrow lines for a traditional tattooist. While most others employ heavy line work to make their work pronounced, his body art doesn't need such an emboldened effect to stand out. Instead, his tattoos remain outspoken through the way that he makes each of his figures so animated in expression and posture. Also, by using a lighter line weight, he is also able to embellish his figures with more minute detail, making them quite complex for the genre to which they belong. His use of chroma is equally notable. He employs extremely rich color sequences to make his tattoos vibrant as can be. The way their coloration makes them pop is also a big part of what gives his work such a vivid and eye-catching presence on their collectors' skin.

As demonstrated by the two pinups, sacred heart, and rose above, the way Mezoghlian fills his figures with heavily saturated and stunning color palletes makes even the most overdone of motifs break free of the realm of cliche. 

Mezoghlian is a master at rendering pretty much every prominent motif germane to traditional tattoos — mermaids, flora, animal heads, etc. — but what's best about his work with these timeless icons is that he occasionally mashes them up in interesting ways. They best example of this is definitely his signature skull and eagle tattoos. He sometimes has these intense-looking birds of prey perch atop their skeletal accompaniments, and at other times, his green-eyed skulls are integrated directly into the bodies of his eagles. Hell, he's even done a bulldog with one of these fearsome feathered predators roosted atop its scalp.

A badass bulldop with a bald eagle for a hat by Moses D Mezoghlian (IG—moses_d_mezoghlian).

Should you want to see more of Mezoghlian's bold and bright work, head over to his Instagram. He works at The Darling Parlour in Balmain, New South Wales if you have a hankering for a badass piece by him.

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