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Movie Tattoos: RIP Filmstruck!

Movie Tattoos: RIP Filmstruck!

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As one of our favorite film streaming services ends their run, we bring together some rad af movie tattoos just for you.

Although you may think we spend our time nonstop partying at random parties in Brooklyn with Bill Murray, we're usually actually in our living room practicing guitar, watching movies, or just plain chillin with our loved ones. Truth be told, we love to get down and boogie, but without some things our lives would be totally boring. This includes friends, fam, guitars....and movies. We just found out that Filmstruck, a streaming service specifically for classic and Criterion films, will be discontinuing their service at the end of November. And although we are literally heart sick at the thought of loosing them, we couldn't think of a better send off then a whole collection of rad movie tattoos.

Films bring people together..and it's one of those art forms that brings all other art forms together. Sets, costume design, acting, music, writing, directing, and more are all merged to create a work of genius (hopefully). There are bad movies, but we like to think that there are a whole lot more good movies, than bad...just like there are way more good movie tattoos, than bad. Here we have a collection that actually does a good job of showing off some of our favorite flicks: No Country for Old Men, The Godfather, Howl's Moving Castle, Mars Attacks....

With Halloween just around the corner we can't wait to see who dresses up as what, and we're always stoked to see people gussied up in their favorite film star or character. Just as delighted as we are when we see a brand new movie for our final send of to Filmstruck, we wish all of those behind the scenes at the organization good luck in the next venture. We hope they know just how much their efforts meant to much we love film, and how much we'll miss them.

Written byTattoodo

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