MTV Greenlights Documentary/Reality Show "Just Tattoo Of Us"

MTV Greenlights Documentary/Reality Show "Just Tattoo Of Us"

Get ready for tattoos to have some more exposure

MTV International has just greenlit a new series called "Just Tattoo Of Us" and it will showcase the cooperative side of getting a tattoo. It's an interesting look at the decision-making process that goes into getting a tattoo and the thought behind getting some ink.

The show asks pairs of friends, family members, and couples to design tattoos for each other with the help of six tattoo artists. The show will feature three pairs per episode and show the viewer the unique side of their relationships with each other and the tattoo artists.

MTV greenlit a documentary/reality show about people designing tattoos for each other. #MTV #JustTattooOfUs

Gobstopper TV, a London-based independent production company, has already been slated to produce seven one-hour episodes. It's sure to be a hit, even if the initial reaction was a bit cautious.

Kerry Taylor, VP of youth and music at Viacom said, "Every inking has a story behind it, be it something meaningful and personal to the owner, or a hilarious and regretful moment and we can’t wait to capture these moments on screen."

It is sure to be interesting to watch to see what the couples, friends, and family members can come up with for each other. It sounds like Trading Spaces, only with tattoos!

What do you think? Would you trust your friend/significant other/sibling to design a tattoo for you? Or do you think you hang around the type of crowd that would be total dicks and design a really shitty tattoo for you?

I guess we'll find out if these people have good-hearted friends or not when the show airs!

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