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MTV Greenlights Documentary/Reality Show "Just Tattoo Of Us"

MTV Greenlights Documentary/Reality Show "Just Tattoo Of Us"

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Get ready for tattoos to have some more exposure

MTV International has just greenlit a new series called "Just Tattoo Of Us" and it will showcase the cooperative side of getting a tattoo. It's an interesting look at the decision-making process that goes into getting a tattoo and the thought behind getting some ink.

MTV greenlit a documentary/reality show about people designing tattoos for each other. #MTV #JustTattooOfUs

Gobstopper TV, a London-based independent production company, has already been slated to produce seven one-hour episodes. It's sure to be a hit, even if the initial reaction was a bit cautious.

What do you think? Would you trust your friend/significant other/sibling to design a tattoo for you? Or do you think you hang around the type of crowd that would be total dicks and design a really shitty tattoo for you?

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