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Music Moves Me: Interview with Piettro Torchio

Music Moves Me: Interview with Piettro Torchio

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In this interview with Piettro Torchio, he talks about moving from Brazil to Europe, what success means, and his favorite tattooers.

Bold, bright, and usually with a hint of humorous surrealism, Piettro Torchio hails from Brazil but resides in Prague at Tribo Tattoo & Piercing. In this interview, Piettro talks about his evolution as an artist, the projects he's a part of, and how music has influenced his life.

Feature image portrait of Piettro taken by photographer Tereza Konarikova. Tattoo by Jotape Pabst.

How did you get into tattooing and why was it something you were drawn to?

I remember when I got my 1st tattoo, I was 19 and the tattooer, a famous dude that I still admire back in my hometown, São Paulo, Brazil, told me I shouldn’t even try to make tattoos and that money would never be enough…well… money isn’t something I value that much anyway…

After many years, I got back from London and met this wild kid, Rafael Deni, younger than me but very skilled with his tattoo machines. One day, he decided that he wanted to get a tattoo and I was the only one around…In my head he was just being crazy but I was totally up for it. I remember he prepared everything while I was just been anxious. We managed to do it, a very shaky weed leaf. Still there…I was 26, can’t explain the feeling of tattooing for me but I liked it very much and since that day I couldn’t stop doing it.

Can you talk about your inspirations, and how your style has evolved since you began?

I don’t consider myself good at drawing, so I try to have a lot of good references around me, from books to people. I believe a lot in observation. Observe what others did before you and how beautiful their solutions were.

I think moving to Europe in 2017 helped me a lot to improve my technical side of the craft; in Brazil, good supplies are very expensive and hard to find.

Who are the tattooers, or fine artists/movements, that have inspired you over the years?

Since I was a kid, music is what moves me. I was a sound engineer for 9 years and had countless bands…By the way I just started a new one with Scott Ellis here in Prague.

In the “tattoo world”, I guess the ones who always blew my mind are: Juan Manuel Sancho “Piranha”, Chad Koeplinger , Steve Byrne, Dansin, Don Ed Hardy and Daniel Higgs.

Many artists have a philosophy or motivation behind their work...what would you say is yours? How do you define success?

I like doing tattoos, of any kind… if I can deliver, I will not refuse it. Success is having the respect of those you respect.

What advice do you have for young artists trying to get into tattooing? What was the best advice you received when you first started?

Work hard, respect the ones before you. Listen, don’t speak/complain when learning. Best advice is to go get tattooed before you ask for an apprenticeship…

How do you feel about the future of the tattoo industry? What things need to change, and what needs to stay the same?

Any industry sux in my opinion…Nothing big is real anymore. Me and a great friend, Helena Berankova, are doing a small “live tattooing expo” here in Prague, called “PRAGUE TRADITIONAL”. It's our contribution to the local scene. Twice a year we expect to bring 20 international tattooers to work and hangout with us in a entrance free event.

Beyond tattooing, what are you passionate about? How do you spend your free time, and what do you do on your vacations?

I'm a lot into music as I said before, so my band with Scott is something we are spending some time on it, as well as my cat “Stinky”. Since Covid-19 started, my plans don’t exist and I feel great about it. When traveling, my main goal is to make friends and expand my network. Music has always brought me good friends.

Any future goals, plans, collabs, etc. that you’d like to share?

I’m always open for whatever life brings me, so please feel free to shoot me some ideas and collabs, I love doing T-shirt designs or whatever you have in mind. I think for now it's still hard to make future plans…But I’m trying to keep my goals to a minimum…Summer is coming, thats all for now.

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