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My Pup Will Always Come Through: Dog Tattoos FTW

My Pup Will Always Come Through: Dog Tattoos FTW

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

Just like Cat Stevens said, our pupper friends always come through! These dog tattoos are proof of our deep love and devotion for them.

Here you have it: an ode to all our lovely dawg friends that we love oh so dearly!! Because nothing is better than coming home to the panting, whipping, excited tail wagging, lover muffin eyes of man's best friend. These dog tattoos show how deep our love goes, and it's a reflection of the love our pet has for us too!! 

From ultra realistic pet portraits to Traditional takes on an iconic cartoon hound, we bring you a bunch of different styles that shows so much variety in the way that you can portray your dog. It would be awesome if you can pick a style that really matches your dogs personality...but sometimes, especially if your bff passes on, it can be really cathartic to get a hyperrealist tattoo so you'll always remember the special glint in their eye when you came home after a long day at work. 

We also really loved Zzizzi Boy's take on a client drawing. It's also so awesome to bring a photo, or even a simple line drawing, to a really talented tattooist and see what they do with it. Zzizzi is known for his ultra exact hand poke style, but lately he's been taking drawings from his clients and gracefully blending them with his style!! It gives a whole new meaning to a custom tattoo...and you have more connection with it, maybe, because you helped in the design process more than usual! It's artists like these that we love to support: high quality skills matched with innovative and creative work ethic. It's so incredible to see what tattoo artists can do with our favorite subjects, dog tattoos included!

So, if you haven't already and you dig our stuff, be sure to check out our app! We have tons of inspiration, guides, articles, interviews and more just for you...we want you to be as well connected as we are in the tattoo industry too, so we've even created a place where you can book directly with an artist! Or you can send out an idea to a bunch of tattoo artists in your area and pick the one that works with your idea and aesthetics best. We're here for all your tattoo needs!

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