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Mysteries of the Horizon: Seriously Cool Surreal Tattoos

Mysteries of the Horizon: Seriously Cool Surreal Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Surreal tattoos blend dreams, symbolism and more. They are a continuation of one of our favorite art movements ever.

These surreal tattoos will bend your mind...since surrealism is based upon the ideals of dreams and imagination as pure thought...authentic living through your strange yearnings and learnings. If everyone were beyond the social constrictions that lead them to be what they are now, if everyone did exactly as they pleased...without being held back by convention and expectation, where would we be? Perhaps we would be happier...rather than wrapped up in some sort of social media living space...judged by your selfie, more than your self. We at Tattoodo believe that perhaps those that got these surreal tattoos are in touch with that space.

Although now surrealism has become some sort of watered down version of what it used to be, it was actually brought to the world through Dada...which was, and is, a very politically fueled art movement. From Dadaism we were brought Surrealism...instead of breaking apart the world into factions of mirrors that projected how absurd this life is, Surrealism sought to completely remove real life at all, and live instead in a sometimes drug fueled haze, a dream haze...a more free and genuine ideal of what living could be. Was it so? How can you tell what is real and what isn't? These surreal tattoos, any ink on your skin, the pain that you feel when receiving a tattoo, does that make you feel real?

We're not sure. Surrealism brought to us the lobster telephone...melting clocks...a deer with the head of Frida Kahlo...landscapes of strange straws, shapes, and unbodied bodies. These surreal tattoos have shown us that there is perhaps hope in a world where convention needs to be completely turned upside down...isn't that what tattoos are about? Reclaiming the body, the self, in a world where you're told what to like, and who to be? Think outside the box. Be strange, and be proud of that. 

Written byTattoodo

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