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Mystifying Mandalas by Manuel Zellkern

Mystifying Mandalas by Manuel Zellkern

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This tattoo artist makes exquisitely intricate sacred geometry.

Though he excels at rendering all sorts of figures, some of Austrian blackwork tattooist Manuel Zellkern's best work are the immaculate mandalas that he produces. His illustrations of these flowering bursts of sacred geometry are as perfect as they are complex. Check out this small sample of his astounding tattoos of these ancient ornamental symbols that stand for the balance in the cosmos as well as a sense of self-unity.

What makes mandalas like Zellkern's so impressive is the incredible attention to detail that they require. When working with incredibly complicated geometric figures, precision means everything. One poorly done line can throw off the otherwise pristine balance embodied by these rich patterns. The more elaborate the design, the more demanding it is for the tattooist, and his mandalas push the envelope when it comes to complexity as well as intricacy, showing off his superb skill at the art form. 

What makes Zellkern's mandalas so excellent is his careful linework as well as meticulous distribution of dotwork and denser saturation. This results in an impressive spectrum of contrast in each of his intricate figures, giving them the illusion of depth and texture. It is also notable how many flavors his mandalas come in. Some of them are purely geometric, while others have a floral flare to them. Occasionally, he also incorporates other interesting symbols, such as trefoil knots and lotuses, into these symmetrical masterpieces. We particularly enjoy when he takes a more minimalistic approach to illustrating mandalas, making them feel almost etherial in their openness.  

A pristine floral mandala from Manuel Zellkern's (IG—zellkern) body of work. #blackwork #exquisite #intricate #geometric #mandala #ManuelZellkern #ornamental

If you want to be mesmerized by more of these cosmic emblems by Manuel Zellkern, wind your way over to his Instagram. Should you want one of his masterful mandalas to ornament your body, he works at Vienna Electric Tattoo in Austria.

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