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Nathan Mould's Beautiful Ornamental Blackwork

Nathan Mould's Beautiful Ornamental Blackwork

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These ornamental tattoos by Nathan Mould are exquisite.

Ornamental work is a particularly interesting genre in the world of tattoos. Traditionally, ornamentation grew out of architecture and printmaking, practices in which decorative figures and patterns have been used as embellishment for centuries. However, as with most art forms, ornamentation has found its way into new mediums, and one of those is tattooing.

This sleeve by Nathan Mould is captivating in their geometric complexity. #blackandgrey #geometric #NathanMould #ornamental #sleeve #stippled

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As one can see from these photos of sleeves and forearm tattoos, ornamental work looks great on the body's extremities. Also, these examples show how ornamentation can take on a number of aesthetic qualities when executed in the medium of tattoos: Mould's varying degrees of linework, dotting, and shading gives each piece its own unique look. Though his style is fine-tuned and easily recognizable, no two tattoos are alike. 

While Mould's work looks phenomenal on arms, it also compliments other parts of the body. The placement of his tattoos often organically dictates the patterning of their ornaments. This makes it so that the bodily adornment appears completely copacetic with its wearer.

Of all Mould's excellent work, his back-pieces are arguably the biggest and boldest, especially those executed solely in dotwork. Their stippled appearance is absolutely diesel, for lack of a better word.

An astounding back-piece by Nathan Mould, a master of ornamental tattoos. #backpiece #geometric #NathanMould #ornamental #stippled #largescale

If you enjoyed getting lost in the ornate patterning of these maze-like tattoos, you can see more of Mould's awesome work on his Instagram @nathanmouldtattoo, or, should you want your body ornamented by him, he works at Big Cartel Tattoo in Pittsburgh, Penn.

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