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Nature and Geometry Become One With These Tattoos by Jasper Andres

Nature and Geometry Become One With These Tattoos by Jasper Andres

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Jasper Andres, a tattoo artist based in New Zealand, has shown the ability to fuse two incredibly different motifs into one.

At the Seventh Day Studio in Auckland, New Zealand, you can find one of the most innovative tattoo artists the world has to offer. This artist has the ability to fuse together two styles that couldn't be further apart on the spectrum. Nature and geometry don't seem like they would complement each other well, but Jasper Andres appears to have found a way to make it work.

Jumping from math to nature. Tattoo by Jasper Andres. #JasperAndres #geometry #nature #fox #watercolor

Jasper originally moved to New Zealand from the Philippines in 2008, and his artistic and mathematical talents led him to architecture. Unfortunately, even though he was accepted into Victoria University, his family couldn't afford the tuition.

This is one mathematical big cat. Tattoo by Jasper Andres. #JasperAndres #geometry #nature #twoface #panther #stippling

Through this newfound love of body art, Andres began an apprenticeship at Monique's Euro Tattoo Shop. He studied there for a year before the shop closed down. After the closure, Andres carried out on his own, tattooing his way across the world. 

Check out Jasper's Instagram to see some more of his one-of-a-kind designs. Head over to Seventh Day Studios in New Zealand if you want to put one of those rad designs on your body.

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