Nature and Portrait Color Realism Tattoos by Kyle Cotterman

Nature and Portrait Color Realism Tattoos by Kyle Cotterman

Nature, landscapes, portraits and more!

Working out of Distinction Tattoo in Dayton, Ohio, Kyle Cotterman has built an impressive online following by sharing his color realism tattoos with the world. 

Selecting only a few pieces to feature here was quite a difficult task - each tattoo is as brilliant as the next. The electric current on the Nikola Tesla tattoo is impressive, you could imagine touching it and receiving a little shock. 

While Cotterman's work consists mainly of portraits, his nature and landscape tattoos are equally as amazing. I'm not usually a fan of realistic rose tattoos with water droplets on the petals, however, his is so realistic that I'm blown away at the talent it takes to pull it off. But, it's actually Cotterman's landscape scene tattoos that will probably astound you the most. There are no words - just stare and be amazed. 

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