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Nature Beloved: Interview with Tattoo Artist Deborah Genchi

Nature Beloved: Interview with Tattoo Artist Deborah Genchi

Tattoo Artists7 min Read

In this interview with tattoo artist Deborah Genchi, she talks about her inspirations and the beauty of pure creative energy.

Each piece is perfectly suited to its owner...each image wonderfully depicts something close to their heart. Deborah Genchi wields a tattoo machine as gracefully as a paintbrush or calligraphy pen; her work blends watercolor, illustration, and realism with an awe inspiring depth. 

Can you talk a bit about your artistic background? How did you get into tattooing, and is it always what you wanted to do?

How has your style developed over the years? What artists, art movements, books, or music inspires you to create?

I started tattooing blackworks, associating realistic or illustrative subjects with dotwork, but as soon as I started using colors I realized that I loved more making paintings on skin, so I rather found my pictorial vocation in tattooing than the portraiture one.

All of your tattoos seem very personal to the client. What is the process like when people get a tattoo with you? How do you develop your designs?

Do you believe artists have a responsibility to the world? What do you think makes a good artist? How do you define success?

From all the years you've been tattooing, what is your favorite tattoo moment or event that you'll never forget?

Do you have any travel plans, projects, collabs, merch, etc. coming up that you’d like to share? Any hopes for this year or the next?

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

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