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Need a New Tattoo? Why Not Zoidberg?

Need a New Tattoo? Why Not Zoidberg?

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

While he might be unpopular in the Futurama universe, Zoidberg is supremely popular in tattoos.

On a cold and rainy day, we here in the Tattoodo offices mused, “Are there any good Zoidberg tattoos?” We consider ourselves the ultimate pop culture connoisseurs, and we know from experience any cartoon with even a small cult following results in some great fan tattoos.

Groening is known for his characters — think about the near 2000 Simpsons characters that exist. So it’s no surprise that a character as specific and weird as Zoidberg would be so funny and capture so many hearts. In fact, he’s one of the Futurama characters who’s become meme-ified: Why Not Zoidberg? ran through the bowels of Reddit in 2011, starting with the basic “In need of a new meme? Why not Zoidberg?” Those familiar with the character know this sentiment — Zoidberg is perpetually ignored and kept out of the loop throughout Futurama, often forgotten when the near-Apocalypse happens or left behind in burning buildings. Zoidberg is often referring to himself, forlornly, in third person in these moments. “You thought of everyone else — why not Zoidberg?”

We’re glad that Edward is so wrong all the time — perhaps that’s why he still has a job? Is he our moral compass? Because his wrongness led us to the ultimate rightness. A post entirely filled with Zoidberg tattoos.

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