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Need Some Tattoo Inspiration? The Library Could Be Your Answer

Need Some Tattoo Inspiration? The Library Could Be Your Answer

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If you are itching to get a new tattoo, but can't think of what to get, the library can spark the flame of inspiration.

When was the last time you've been to the library? I can honestly say that I haven't visited the local library to rent a book since I was in grade school, and I feel like I'm not alone in that. The library is an oft-overlooked resource that not many people take advantage of. It's mind boggling that people would buy books or download books on their E-Readers, when they could get the very same book at a library for a fraction of the cost. In fact, if you return it on time, it's free. Duh.

The library is a good source of tattoo inspiration. #Library #Books #BookTattoo #BookTattoos

The library is filled with books that are ripe with visuals and quotes that can serve you well in your hunt for new ink.

There are books that hold special meaning in your heart. Books that you read over and over. Books that made you laugh, cry, angry, etc. Books are a powerful tool that unlocks your imagination, and your imagination is where the best and most personal tattoos come from.

They say reading can increase your vocabulary, making you more eloquent. Reading can also open your imagination to worlds unheard of and unthought of. And available books like The Encyclopedia of Signs and Symbols can give you a better understanding of who you are and what you want to represent.

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I'm Joe. I'm a comedian and writer from Baltimore. Follow me on Twitter @joewelkie

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