Neo Traditional Animal Tattoos by Dan Pemble

Neo Traditional Animal Tattoos by Dan Pemble

Clean and vibrant animal tattoos done by an artist who is well versed in the neo traditional tattoo style! Enjoy these Dan Pemble tattoos!

Animals are such beautiful tattoo subjects. The natural flow of their anatomy seem to adorn the human body in such an elegant and unique way.

Art has always depicted animals for thousands of years. Same goes with tattoos. From basic line art and simple pictographic tattoos to huge and very visually technical stuff, animals have always been collector favourites.

Dan Pemble, owner and tattooer at Sacred Tattoo Studio in Michigan, creates some really interesting and action packed neo traditional tattoos. It is very interesting, the way Dan Pemble composes his animal tattoos. The positioning and poses of the tattoos are unique and clever. I also describe these tattoos as action packed, as most of these tattoos showcase movement of the creatures.

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When it comes to the tattoo application, the linework is so clean and superbly done. The vibrant colors and contrast are truly well executed, making the tattoos visually appealing, aside from their incredible lay out.

All photos anfrom Dan Pemble's Instagram!

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