Neo Traditional Kawaii Tattooer - Carly Kroll

Neo Traditional Kawaii Tattooer - Carly Kroll

Tattoo artist and word traveller Carly Kroll makes the world a better place with her bright neo traditional tattoos.

Australia seems to have no shortage of talented kawaii tattooers. But, Carly Kroll ultimately made her sweet getaway to Germany to chase sunsets and tattoo anything that sparkles, shines bright, and put smiles on faces. These days, she spends most of her time tattooing lovely animé-inspired ink and splitting it between Melbourne and Berlin, which is her second home. Carly works with vegan ink and probably loves Studio Ghibli films and Sailor Moon as much as I do.

Those who know her see Carly Kroll as the free-spirited traveller with the sunshine in her heart. The sunshine can be seen reflected in her works, paired with her love for pop culture and anything kawaii. All these are then executed in a lovely neo traditional style that brings out the most vivid details and hues in her tattoos. Wherever her journey may whisk her off to, the magic that was there from the start since her apprentice days in Berlin will stay with Carly.

Making storms in teacups — don't forget the sugar!

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Lovely, lovely narwhals, the unicorns of the sea.

If I had a scepter as cool as this, I won't just be ‘fighting like a girl’; I would kick ass.


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Carly also does a lot of snow globes for safe keeping of the most precious memories.

This Harry Potter fan knows exactly what house she belongs to.

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