Neo-Traditional Animal Friends by Miryam Lumpini

Neo-Traditional Animal Friends by Miryam Lumpini

12 Mystical Beauties That Are Out of This World

Have you ever fallen into a 1:00am Instagram hole where you start creeping on someone’s profile, only to look at the time, and suddenly it’s 2:00am and you realize you’ve just spent the entire hour internet-stalking a complete stranger? There are certain people in this world that warrant intense middle of the night internet stalking: your partner’s ex, the person they're currently dating, and Richard Simmons to name a few. Then of course, there’s the internet elite: the absolutely gorgeous artsy babe that’s so cool it nearly puts Rihanna to shame (bless me RiRi, for I have sinned). Swedish born, Los Angeles based tattoo and fine artist, Miryam Lumpini is one of these Instagram elite.

Initially hailing from a small town in Sweden, Lumpini knew from an early age that she wanted to be an artist. Her break came at the age of 17, when she was offered an apprenticeship at Zeal Tattoo in Kalmar, Sweden, and later ended up making the move to Los Angeles. Tattooing in the neo-traditional style, Lumpini’s work is absolutely magical. Creating beautifully inspired animals that have a sense of mysticism about them, it’s no wonder why she’s nicknamed the Witch Doctor. While all of her animals are primarily realistic looking, she creates depth and an element of enchantment by adoring her animals with various "gifts." 

Her artwork mimics her tattooing style in vivid color, but tends to be a bit more surreal in nature. Where her tattoos offer clean, well polished lines, her artwork is comprised of curved lines that bleed into each other. Surreal and occult tones define her artwork, often set in forests or jungles, and featuring some sort of fabled character like a bewitching siren, the River Styx departing for the underworld, or a headless figure, lying on the ground, pointing to the glowing world above her.

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Although only 23 years-old, Lumpini has absolutely made a name for herself in both the tattoo community as well as the art community. With a celebrity following that includes the likes of Skrillex (she’s responsible for the OWSLA tattoo on his forearm), Lumpini is absolutely an artist on the rise, and one glance at her Instagram will have you creeping for more. At just 23, Lumpini is one of the bravest, wisest, and all around most talented artists we know of.

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