Neo-traditional Baubles and Brightness by Olie Siiz

Neo-traditional Baubles and Brightness by Olie Siiz

Let your tattoos glisten, gleam, and sparkle.

The artists coming out of Poland right now are really just fucking mind-blowing. Their work is bright, bold, weird, surreal, and breaking away from norms to create new standards. Olie Siiz, out of Warsaw, is adding her own special shine to this growing wave of stardom coming from Europe, with her ornate, glistening, gleaming gems and beasties.

With a limited color palette and an eye for shine, Siiz has mastered a neo-traditional surrealism that makes her tattoos seem otherworldly. Her work juxtaposes realistic elements with illustrative, bizarre imagery, and the final products are rife with details to gaze and dote on. 

A wolf growls, tied in rope, by Olie Siiz. (via IG—olie_siiz) #neotraditional #sparkly #detailed #OlieSiiz

Siiz's line work is admirable and refined. She works with varying line weights, cleverly using white not only as a tool for glimmer but to also emphasize her subjects. She has a strong sense of where her light source is in every tattoo, but also plays with how her gem stones glow and how the light cascades across objects. 

Siiz also combines textures within each tattoo — the facets of a gem lie next to a flat, yet ornate, intricate black frame. The texture of fur bristles alongside perfectly flat leafs. This creates a uniquely flat yet dimensional image, and guides our eyes throughout the work. 

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You can follow Siiz on Instagram, and admire all the shiny objects she creates. She can be reached for bookings via her email, 

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