Neo-Traditional Beauties by Gia Rose

Neo-Traditional Beauties by Gia Rose

See what sets this "Ink Master" star apart from the pack with this gallery of stunning neo-traditional portrait tattoos.

There’s something darkly beautiful about neo-traditional ladies. Maybe it’s the shading or that enigmatic stare that so often crosses their faces, but something about them is absolutely stunning — it’s no wonder why they’re one of the most popular lady head styles around. 

Artist and former Ink Master Season 8 contestant Gia Rose is known for her gorgeous lady heads, whose dark complexities have garnered worldwide attention. With muted color, incredible use of the shapes that so often make up a large portion of neo-traditional work, and an air of mystery, her lady heads make us wish that her availability was a bit shorter than a year long wait, but we suppose that’s what you get for being the best of the best.

Tattooing since 2003, Rose’s work is largely defined by feminine undertones. Using muted color palettes and impeccable line work, she creates beautiful renditions of free spirited women. Always taking care to connect her girls to the earth in some way, Rose’s ladies are usually portrayed with some sort of flora or fauna. While stencils are a regular part of her process, she has been known to freehand every once in a blue moon, an incredible feat given the amount of detail she puts into each lady. In recent years her neo-traditional lady heads have become so popular, that she’s recently decided to release a limited edition sketch book aptly entitled Girls Girls Girls, whose release date has yet to be set.

In an interview with Th-Ink, Rose says that although her initial introduction to the tattoo community wasn’t quite as welcoming as she had hoped, she believes that now more than ever, female artists are the stars of the industry. “We live in a patriarchal world that still subjugates women and uses them as a commodity. So we face these challenges in our daily lives in all fields,” she says. “So in all actuality, I would argue that the tattoo industry may offer more benefits to women, mainly the fact that I make the same amount of money as my male co-workers.”

Her waitlist is a year long, but for an artist this whip smart and talented, we’d wait forever.

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