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Neo-Traditional Beauties from Hannah Flowers' Porfolio

Neo-Traditional Beauties from Hannah Flowers' Porfolio

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Painterly pieces by a master of the neo-traditional style.

Hannah Flowers' take on the neo-traditional style is like no other. Most of her tattoos look more like acrylic paintings than body art. Her portfolio is rife with feminine imagery, such as lovely ladies, adorable animals, and nearly all the delicacies of nature — fruit, fauna, and more. Each of her pieces brim with soft yet radiant color and are rich with detail as well. To put it simply, the resulting aesthetic is beyond captivating. Have a look at this little gallery's worth of her work and just try not to have your heart stolen by their beauty.   

There are several motifs that stand out in Flowers' body of work — namely, her illustrations of animals, various forms of plant life, and especially her depictions of gorgeous ladies. While these different sets of iconography all look great on their lonesome, as exemplified by figures like her geisha as well as bejeweled swan, he work is at its most extraordinary when it combines all the imagery that she commonly professes. For example, her tattoos of beautiful women are at their most alluring with accompanied by animal friends and/or adorned in foliage and flowers. Also, she sometimes creates entire scenes to compliment her feminine figures, as seen in her lady head backdropped by an entire seascape and her pinup in front of a jukebox and a vintage Chevy.

The way that Flowers make her body art appear as if rendered on canvas as opposed to her clients' skin is quite amazing. She achieves this impressive, painting-like aesthetic through the use of several different line weights and the way that she graduates her vibrant yet earthy color palettes. This approach allows her to create incredibly intricate body art. The sheer amount of detail that she invests into each of her pieces, for example, is beyond jaw-dropping. Take her lady cradling a spotted faun for instance. Notice how heavy the linework around her hands is when compared the finer ones that make up her hair. You can even see every individual eyelash around her shining green eyes. Also, this tattoo perfectly demonstrates Flowers' carefully blended approach to coloration.

One of the most impressive pieces from Hannah Flowers' portfolio. #berries #bird #butterfly #faun #flowers #HannahFlowers #ladyhead #neotraditional #painterly

If you want to heart stolen by more of Flowers' painterly body art, visit he Instagram. She is based in Hobart, Tasmania but frequently travels, so if you want one of her breathtaking tattoos, reach out to her at for enquiries. 

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