Neo-Traditional Creature Tattoos by Brando Chiesa

Neo-Traditional Creature Tattoos by Brando Chiesa

Brando Chiesa knows some fantastic beasts and he'll show you where to find them — in his neo-traditional tattoos.

Italian tattoo artist Brando Chiesa has taken the neo-traditional animal motif to a whole different plane — specifically, the Hellmouth, where demons, skulls, bats, rats, and sundry other intense animals seek out your soul. 

Chiesa mostly worked on animal tattoos packed with various elements and illustrated in vivid, aggressive colors, as is the case with the neo-traditional style. Then he started shifting to more mellow elements and colors, but with just as savage tattoo subjects as before. Thus, the albino beasts were born.

Chiesa's ferocious beasts consist of mostly canine and feline creatures with pale skin and luminous red eyes, surrounded by elements including traditional Japanese masks, ramen, and cherry blossoms. The limited color palette, twisted subject matter, and sometimes gorey details all create demonic animal tattoos with intricacy and intensity.

More of these albino beauties can be found on Brando's Tattoodo feed.

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