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Neo-traditional Critters by Manu Cruz

Neo-traditional Critters by Manu Cruz

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Here's an amazing menagerie of beautiful body art.

If you like your body art like a bestiary, then we've got the perfect artist showcase for you. Manu Cruz is a master of adorable animals. They're as pronounced and colorful as they are cute, and their sweet looks make us want to go frolic in the forest like Sleeping Beauty. So, if you'd like to make some new animal friends, come with us on this nature walk through his tattoos.

Cruz's take on this style is utterly fabulous. He employs extremely bold line work and heavy color saturation, and it gives his illustrations a rich and plush glow. Every single on of his tattoos are absolutely brimming with colorful splendor.

A fox with a mouse balanced on its head via Manu Cruz (IG—manu_raccoon). #animals #colorful #creatures #fox #ManuCruz #mouse #neotraditional

Cruz likes to embellish his critters with all sorts of complimentary imagery. He frequently nestles them next to plant life, such as flowers and fruit. He also often dresses them up, depicting them as wearing hoods or even thematic costumes like the Egyptian garb on the sphinx cat and Sherlock Holmes stylized otter. Some of these creatures even have a mystic flare to them as seen in the fierce feline with a crescent moon inscribed into it's forehead. A few of his large-scale pieces feature multiple animals interacting. 

A sweet little mouse all wrapped up in a peony via Manu Cruz (IG—manu_raccoon). #animals #colorful #creatures #ManuCruz #mouse #neotraditional

If you want to warm up next to more cuddly creatures, make sure to visit Cruz's Instagram. Should you want one of them for your very own life-long companion, he tattoos all over Europe. Some of the shops he guest spots at are listed on his Instagram as well.

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