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Neo-traditional, Ornate Animals by Shio Zaragoza

Neo-traditional, Ornate Animals by Shio Zaragoza

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Shio's neo-traditional tattoos are tight, bright, clean, and clear.

Shio Zaragoza, namesake the same as his hometown in Spain, is a painterly tattoo artist with a trained eye for composition and style. Zaragoza's tattoos are bold, brightly colored, and powerfully embedded in the neo-traditional style. Zaragoza's use of varying line weights and color fades pairs nicely and neatly with his smart use of ornate jewels, insects, and tender filigree.

Zaragoza has been tattooing for seven years, and shows no signs of slowing down. Working out of Blessed Tattoo in Zaragoza, Spain, Zaragoza (the artist!) has a refined line and a penchant for color blocking that really makes his animals pop. Neo-traditional tattoos are known for their bright colors matched up alongside sepia tones and browns, and Zaragoza knows how to make our eyes travel with his use of ink. 

"I don't believe in gifted or illuminated people," Zaragoza says in the mini-clip. Passion and dedication rule here — Zaragoza believes that talent is overrated, in its own way, and that hard work and focus pay off in the end. We couldn't agree more. 

Watch the full interview with Zaragoza above, and swing by his Instagram for more of his neo-traditional work. 

Hateful Kate
Written byHateful Kate

Tiny illustrator and artist rocking out in Red Hook, BK.

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