Never Enough: Black and White Blast Over Tattoos

Never Enough: Black and White Blast Over Tattoos

Mixing two hot trends: blackout sleeves and white ink tattoos.

There's something about having an area of your skin, or perhaps a whole limb, totally covered in ink. It's eye-catching, for one, and it also gives an artist a ton of room to do some great, detailed work. One of the rising trends we've seen is the blast over tattoo — taking older ink and covered that area with thick layers of black. Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace has been totally blasting over her tattoos, for instance, but her's are just black blast overs, whereas others yet have gotten some detailed grey and white line work detailed into their black blast overs. 

The white ink is bound to fade, unfortunately, but that doesn't stop folks. And it shouldn't — just get that stuff refreshed. By the time you're in black blast over tattoo territory, you're probably well acquainted with the tattoo needle. 

White on a huge, black blast over tattoo is a great look, regardless of the technical implications. Experimenting is fun, and modern tattooing has shown that it's worth it to mess around with the standards and break some norms. Feeling a little wary of your older ink? A black blast over with some funky white might just be the solution you're looking for.

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