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Never Wilt, Never Wither: Flourishing Flower Tattoos

Never Wilt, Never Wither: Flourishing Flower Tattoos

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Here we embrace that which will never die...a collection of beautiful flower tattoos.

The thing we love most about flower tattoos isn't perhaps the most obvious, but it definitely stands true. Flower tattoos never wilt, they never grow old...they never die. It's like...have you ever been at a grocery store, or a florists shop, and wanted to buy flowers but it's like an insane luxury buying something for $50 that will literally die within a few days? See, tattoos are definitely a luxury...they are totally a special thing we give ourselves for many a reason, including self care...and sometimes that's the same reason why we buy flowers. Because it just feels good!

See, so...that's the thing about flower tattoos. Although they are a luxury, and they cost a lot, they'll always be with you. They'll never wilt, or wither. We can't guarantee that they'll always smell good (that's kind of up to you and your personal hygiene) but we can definitely guarantee that they'll always make you feel good. Which is basically what all tattoos should do really. It's about having a good experience, and making your body your own. Sometimes it can be really difficult to find an artist or shop that you know you'll have a good time in, and leave totally satisfied.

But that's why Tattoodo is such a great place. We are dedicated to bringing you really incredible pieces by really incredible artists who are devoted to tattooing, but also devoted to creating an awesome space for clients to feel good in. Our new booking feature is just another way that we bring high quality tattooists in your area, and beyond, to you! We love the connectivity that this community supports, and we love that you are a part of it, just as much as we are! So, try out our new features, and let us know what you think!! We hope your love for tattooing and Tattoodo flourishes forever, just like these flower tattoos!

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