Neversleep’s ‘Tattooing’s Guide To Symbolism’ Launch Party Rocks RRL

Neversleep’s ‘Tattooing’s Guide To Symbolism’ Launch Party Rocks RRL

The NYC tattoo elite gathered together to celebrate the new publishing company’s newly released book.

We got to celebrate the launch of Neversleep Publishing’s Tattooing’s Guide To Symbolism, Cor Mysterium Volume I last night at Ralph Lauren’s Double RL store in downtown Manhattan, and everything was precise, pristine, and artful. 

Surrounded by the impeccably designed RRL clothing and interior decorating, and sipping delicious Old Fashions, the evening was a revelatory, swirling night of tattooers, artists, fans, and book lovers.

Cor Mysterium Volume I is highly anticipated, and rightfully so, as we’ve all been craving a book about tattoo symbolism by tattoo artists themselves. Started by Matt Beckerich and Mike Rubendall, Neversleep Publishing “was built on the idea that Tattooing is an ever-evolving art form, and it is up to us as tattooers, to nurture it. Our goal is to help steer tattooing as a whole, toward higher cultural value and toward a more educated and meaningful approach to our sacred craft.”

The night pulled everyone out of the tattoo woodwork, including Ink Master stars Oliver Peck and Dave Navarro, as well as Tattoodo ambassador Megan Massacre and tattoo history mastermind Michelle Myles. We got to chat with Jon Clue of Sacred Tattoo, and even a crew of RRL fans whose passion for anything Ralph Lauren runs so deep, they’d come to an event at the space without even knowing the premise.

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We’re looking forward to more books and more launches like last night with Neversleep. You can order a copy of Cor Mysterium Volume I at their website. 

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