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New Facebook Watch Show Brings You a Look into "The Tattoo Shop" Life

New Facebook Watch Show Brings You a Look into "The Tattoo Shop" Life

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Ami James is bringing back the crew in a brand new show called “The Tattoo Shop”. Only on Facebook Watch.

Set in the lush landscape of Miami, Florida, The Tattoo Shop features some of the most insanely talented creators in the tattoo community. Ami James, Chris Núñez, Chris Garver, Darren Brass, and Tommy Montoya have carved out a place for their work among the graffitied walls of the ultra colorful Wynwood Arts District. Facebook and Tattoodo have teamed up to bring you a look into tattoo shop life and the masterpieces produced there. 

Every Thursday, starting March 15th, The Tattoo Shop will get up close and personal with your favorite tattoo artists. Each episode shares unique client stories, incredible tattoos, and insider looks at the lives of Ami James and his crew. In addition to the resident artists, weekly guest artists from around the globe visit the shop and leave their mark with their talent and story. From Japanese Irezumi tattoos to mind-boggling hyperrealism, The Tattoo Shop artists deliver the highest quality craftsmanship, style, and design. This is not your usual tattoo show - the history shared between these artists, as well as their dedication to the craft of tattooing, makes this a reunion you do not want to miss. 

The launch of The Tattoo Shop will also bring the return of Tattoodo’s crowd-pleasing favorite Facebook Live tattoo game show: Mystery Tattoo. Last year, Mystery Tattoo ran for 8 weeks and reached 50 million people. Every Friday, starting March 16th, contestants will compete for a mystery tattoo from one of their favorite artists. The catch is that they cannot choose what they will get and they will not get to see the design until the tattoo is completely finished. It will actually be the Facebook Live viewers who get to vote on the tattoo designs! Would you take a chance at getting a Mystery Tattoo? Tune in and see for yourself.

This year, Tattoodo brings the heat and turns up the volume with your favorite artists, the best tattoos, the coolest clients, and, best of all, you can tune in directly through your Facebook app. Join us for The Tattoo Shop, your new favorite place for incredible stories and amazing tattoos, only on Facebook Watch.

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