New Old School: Collage Collective Co

New Old School: Collage Collective Co

A Collective of Collagists Commanding Contemplation

When we were younger, collages meant a few things: one of your favorite art classes/school projects, spending endless hours pouring over your mother’s magazines searching for the perfect picture of your favorite horse to post in said collage, and of course using the really cool purple glue stick that dried down to a perfectly clear adhesive. It’s crazy to think that your favorite type of school project could actually be a true art form, but for the wildly talented group of artists over at Collage Collective Co, it definitely is. Although, we’re pretty positive they skip the part with the purple glue stick.

Founded by fine artist and graphic designer Dillon McIntosh in January 2014, Collage Collective Co is a cooperative of different collagists (try saying that five times fast) who strive to introduce their individual followings to new and talented artists who might be lesser known. Consisting of nearly 100 artists, the collective showcases everything from surreal to new school work. While many of the artists vary in subject matter, and most of them live in different countries around the world, the group’s unified efforts to shed a light on their art is especially impressive.

Collage by Noir96 (via IG-collagecollectiveco) #art #fineart #artshare #collage #Noir96 #CollageCollective

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Collage by Manzel Bowman (via IG-collagecollectiveco) #art #fineart #artshare #collage #ManzelBowman #CollageCollective

Some stand out artists include Vivian Pantoja of Colombia, whose work is comprised of predominately female subjects, while incorporating elements of nature. Often times a head is replaced by a planet, or a rose takes the place of a woman’s eye. 

Another artist, Noir96, creates pieces that favor botanical elements, a swan’s head stands in place of a human’s while standing amidst a desert scene and botanicals. 

Karen Lynch of Leaf and Petal Vintage creates apocalyptic scenes that depict humans in a general state of blissful ignorance, that creates a dialogue about the state of human indifference and our ever changing earth. In one piece entitled “Summer Heat,” Lynch shows the juxtaposition of happy beachgoers enjoying a summer day while the sun beats down upon them, climbing in both size and temperature.

Aside from shedding new light on lesser known artists, Collage Collective has also created three publications consisting of 50 artists, each publication centering around one specific word, the most recent of which is the word “green.” While some artists chose to go a more direct route, offering up pieces that utilize the color green as its contribution to the theme of the book, others chose instead to focus on the connotation of the word as a whole. Artist Celio Celestino Almeida Cavalcante, whose contribution “The Alchemist” is a prime example of this, instead opted to focus on, “the proximity to nature, and the full range of elements it exists, man has the choice of weaving pertinent questions about their actions to the environment in which she lives and beings with which it coexists.”

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Individually, the artists of Collage Collective Co might only have a relatively small reach, but together their works spread an incredible message to a much wider audience. It’s true what they say, there is strength in numbers, and to quote Degas, “art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

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