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New School Tattoos: The Institute of Few Rules, and Many Colors

New School Tattoos: The Institute of Few Rules, and Many Colors

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In this collection of New School Tattoos, we give you examples of this incredible style, and what makes it so different.

Vivid colors, round forms, explosive characters, and roots in some of the greatest tattoo styles ever, New School tattoos are a new take on an old trick pony. Stealing some basic foundations from Traditional Americana, fusing it with some stylistic choices from Neo Traditional, and throwing in some pop culture references, New School tattoos are some of the most playful pieces out there. We've pulled together this collection to give you a good idea of some high quality ink from this particular style. If the colors alone aren't some serious eye candy for you, the concepts alone should give you a giggle.

Many New School tattoos bring together not only old school styles of tattooing, but also comic arts, video gamer aspects, anime, manga, and even favorite Disney characters. The thing about this style that is so fun, is that there aren't really any rules. Tattooists who work in this aesthetic are capable of doing pretty much whatever they want, and to have some real fun with it. With the technological advances in bright pigments for tattooing ink, the vivid colors artists are able to use these days have seriously heightened in saturation and tint.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that many tattoo artists working within the New School style marge all of the aesthetics talked about above with their own personal take on some have super swoopy lines, others add so much sparkle it's like looking into the galaxy, and even others will focus almost completely on doing Marvel comics, Disney villains, or anime heroes. It's completely up to the artist and the culture they feel most resonates with their own personal style! It's really cool that New School tattooing merges all of these diverse pieces of pop culture into one broad spectrum of style!

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