Neymar Reveals His Newest Leg Tattoos, With Very Special Meanings

Neymar Reveals His Newest Leg Tattoos, With Very Special Meanings

The Brazilian superstar got some fresh leg ink to show off to the world.

Barcelona's Neymar Jr. is one of the most celebrated and recognizable athletes in the world. He is one of the very best at soccer and his skills on the pitch are unmatched. He's an Olympic gold medalist and a Brazilian icon, and he's an avid tattoo collector.

Recently, he took to Instagram to show off his new leg ink, and it has a deeply personal and religious meaning to it.

Translated, his tattoo reads, "God bless you and protect me." Well, if that doesn't scream, "This dude is religious," I don't know what will. Maybe some of his other tattoos will help convince you?

Neymar also celebrated Brazil's victory in the Olympics with a tattoo.

Neymar's Rio 2016 Tattoo #brazil #neymar #neymarjr #rio2016 #olympics
Neymar's Rio 2016 Tattoo #brazil #neymar #neymarjr #rio2016 #olympics

It appears that Neymar will just continue to add body art to his frame, and more power to him. If I was that good at soccer, I'd be covered in tattoos as well. The dude's a beast and I don't think anyone can deny that.

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