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Nick Colella Explains the Genius Behind the Walk Up Classic

Nick Colella Explains the Genius Behind the Walk Up Classic

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With hundreds of clients lined around the block, and 22 top tattoo artists cranking out flash, GLT's Walk Up Classic will be unforgettable.

"Mike Rubendall doing flash designs."

Nick Colella hard at work, doing what he loves. (Via Nick Colella) #gltwalkupclassic #greatlakestattoo #nickcolella

Tattoodo: Why did you start the Walk Up Classic?

A traditional take on a Sacred Heart by Nick Colella. (Via Nick Colella) #gltwalkupclassic #greatlakestattoo #nickcolella

Tattoodo: How exactly does it all work? I know that everyone has created their own flash sheet especially for the event, is that all they will be working with? Or will people be working off of each other’s sheets? Do clients have any say about who will tattoo them, or is it all just luck of the draw?

A soaring eagle by Nick Colella. (Via Nick Colella) #gltwalkupclassic #greatlakestattoo #nickcolella

If that doesn't sound like an amazing experience to you, well, what are you even doing here? But allow us to try to sell you on the event one last time. Here is the full list of jaw dropping talent that will be tattooing at Great Lakes Tattoo this weekend: Dan Smith, Nick Colella, Mario Desa, Angelo Miller, Beau Brady, Jen Lawes, Brad Fink, Nikki Lugo, Steve Byrne, Mike Dalton, Chip Douglas, Erik Gillespie, Marina Inoue, Robert Ryan, Glenn Whittall, Mike "Beatdown" Ziolko, Scott Sylvia, Greg Christian, Tony Hundahl, Kevin Leary, Miles Maniaci, and Mike Rubendall.

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