Nine Beautiful Babes by Adam Warmerdam

Nine Beautiful Babes by Adam Warmerdam

Adding a Refreshing Twist to a Classic Style

Traditional lady heads will always be some of our favorites. While it’s true that some elements stay the same, their overall build, themes like pin ups, sailors, sad girls and the like, what we love most about them is their innate ability to shapeshift. One artist’s lady may be a doe eyed beauty, while another artist’s might be an evil witch, or perhaps a brilliant scientist. One thing’s for sure, whatever they may be, lady heads are some of the best, most timeless tattoos around, and artist Adam Warmerdam is adding his particular flair to the classic style.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Warmerdam tattoos out of East Hollywood’s Dark Horse Tattoo. Favoring the traditional style, his lady heads also take on a few stylistically nuanced elements, namely their features which are a bit larger than most traditional work. Creating everything from witches, to biker babes, and even Afro-centric ladies, Warmerdam’s doe-eyed beauties take on new life with their distinct personalities. The one thing that unites them though are their gorgeous black curls which effortlessly twist into tousled tendrils. So if you’re in the L.A. area, and are looking for just the right artist to create a traditional lady head, Adam Warmerdam is definitely one to consider.

You can see more of Adam’s traditional work here.

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