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No Bounds: Interview with Tattooist Wandal

No Bounds: Interview with Tattooist Wandal

Tattoo Artists9 min Read

In this interview with tattoo artist Wandal, he talks about his inspirations, how he got started in the industry, and how to evolve your craft.

In this interview with tattooist Wandal, he talks about many aspects behind the scenes of his artwork and the industry.

How did you get into tattooing and why was it something you were drawn to?

Oohhh, it was long time ago. Well, let's start from the beginning. None of my friends were tattoo artists, which I really wanted. The real decision to become an artist came years later and had nothing to do with the desire when I started to tattoo. In my city, I couldn’t get to know tattoo artists personally and I had to crank this shit on my own. Classic, like any tattoo artist in my opinion - everything that I did was depicting objects on paper, on walls, in books. All my life, all my childhood and to this day I love drawing, perhaps the only place where I found some kind of unity with myself, it seems to me. if now I will analyze the past. My first attempts to tattoo fell on my 18-20. And at first it was not an obvious prospect in life.

12 years ago, when I graduated from school, you know, I immediately decided for myself that "fuck everything", this study, all this fuss, these slurred «friends». I firmly decided —from that moment for five years I will sit at home, play games and do nothing at all. That was the right decision, over the years I still agree with that. After a while, unexpectedly for me, my parents already started to suspect something ..

This sleeve is almost finished! Just biceps missing ? thank you Natalia for that amazing sleeve, I enjoy it so much! Black and gray with color accents is probably my favourite way of making art on skin! If you want to book a tattoo with me and would like

My confidence knew no bounds. my fragile mind, but a determined heart set off in search of my own self. The first thing I decided for myself - I want a tattoo! Doesn’t matter what. Somehow I turned to the tattoo artist, he had fifteen years of experience that time already. I wanted him to stuff some inscription on my arm. such a huge one. He set a not very high price and that’s it, I’m almost fit in.

But I'm the smartest lol at some point, I thought, damn it, in general, I can draw .. why don’t I buy some tattoo equipment from the nearest basement, and not make this tattoo myself? Ingenious decisions do require urgency. Fatal decision was already made.

With a stylish gait I went hunting. I sold everything that was not screwed on, returned every cent from all my debts, searched all the old jackets and collected about 60 euros ... And I bought myself the first and a legendary Chinese tattoo kit! It was epic. I bet I heard angels singing.

There was no limit to my happiness. I did it. With unprecedented courage, I scored my first «masterpiece» in my life. Happiness diminished a little, but I realized something important for myself that day .. One day I will definitely become a true tattoo artist.

Can you talk about your inspirations, and how your style has evolved since you began?

Every year I look at the works that I did to my clients and ask myself the question “what is this?”. I practice new things every 2 months in tattooing. As I laughed above, I knew that I could make a masterpiece from any tattoo. With great enthusiasm, I took on all styles of tattoos. I practiced everything that came to my hand for many years in a row. I did not think at all that I was lucky to delve into the industry fully.

I am just getting bored of doing the same thing. Who recognized himself, give five! I decided that the best solution would be to mix a little of everything and create a dubious, but interesting and tasty soup of techniques, ideas and stories. it turns out you can collect something beautiful from shit and sticks.

Full chest for Irinel, cover-up involved Enjoy! #chest #chesttattoo #skulltattoo #blackandgrey #wandal #tattoosformen #epicink

This approach has helped me understand a lot. Of course, I always loved Neo-Traditional, this is my favorite style. Over the years, I have picked up a solid palette. juicy, invited colors. Despite this, nevertheless, dark graphics prevail in my works. I am trying to make graphics flow following human anatomy. I try to do things with elegant narration of objects in the composition, dynamically drawing, for example, a narrow waist for you or a much more powerful Flex if you flex. This is a win-win option.

We all have access to unique, high-quality, professional equipment now, access to photo services, Photoshop and so on, you simply have to set new horizons for yourself in order to learn and develop. I am interested to watch talented tattoo artists always, it charges me asf.

"Flamingo" Thanks Mathias for trust #radtattoos #killerink #flamingo #superbtattoos #tattooed

Who are the tattooers, or fine artists/movements, that have inspired you over the years?

Ahhhhh Well, there are few guys, it would be interesting to study the approach to their own art. There is something in the work of Isnard Barbosa, I love the contrast of the palette and the intensity of the transfer and information in the picture, effects. compositions play with positions. it is very inspiring.

There is another excellent tattooist from St. Petersburg - Alina Gokk. I like her Neo-Tradition, ideas, it is very light, very even stripes. She brags about her works and I respect that also. Fire. I’m wildly pinned by the style of one man from Russia, Sasha Akulov. I am impressed by his color palette and volume with simplicity. We are not familiar yet, but he has a very sensible neotradik. He is a relatively fresh guest in my feed. For some reason it seems to me that this is a popular opinion now, but I do love works by Cristian Casas. Working with black ink and skin contrast is just perfect. No words. Win-win.

Sports interest leads me to believe that every tattoo artist arranges a comparative analysis of himself with a competitor in his weight category. A kind of mix fight brain. Of course, you need to win only yourself, without looking on others.

Many artists have a philosophy or motivation behind their work...what would you say is yours?

If we take precisely the creative moment, then the ideal tattoo will not happen if I do not take into account Specifically: the muscles or the anatomical part, the form, and the color scheme, with the same theme. And I always take from my client at least a small detail that will always convey to him Memories of a particular moment in life. I say to them - it may be your old dream. And if you want, choose from childhood memories or for example a nightmare that no longer scares you. Or unfulfilled desires maybe? All these are something personal. Do you know how smells bring us back to nostalgia? So this is the fastest ticket to the past. Without these simple constituents, there will be no magic.

The theme of the sketch is very important, in fact the theme is bottomless and very subjective. I like glorious myths and legends. I love the philosophy of all stripes. I can grind this topic infinitely much. Something dark attracts me, something very unknown, inexplicable. I love mysticism and blackness. These two parallels in me, they constantly intersect in my tattoos and this is how I walk my demons. I guess.

Skeleton king tattoo by Wandal #Wandal #skeleton #skull #king #crown #blackandgrey

How do you define success?

My life is easy and laid-back. Want a recipe for happiness? Take your dream, that's what you dream. Take this dream of yours, divide it into 4 main “successes”. Each of these “successes” will personify one boss or another, as in games. If you defeat everyone, the dream will come true. Of course, in order to become a better version of myself, I had to suffer. I had to divide each of my “successes” by analogy into simple and much more specific “goals”. One of the “successes” of my life has always been to defeat my laziness. I had to beat my wild, terrible laziness .. Now it seems to me that I married her. I’m kidding. She’s watching.

Finally!?One of the favorite work I done in this year ?? Demonic skull on the whole back framed with decrepit flowers ? I love it! Thank you Lala for the trust and you made me truly happy of this tattoo??That’s exactly what happens when you book up all yo

What advice do you have for young artists trying to get into tattooing? What was the best advice you received when you first started?

Go straight to the point! Paint over small details and corners only with RL thin, five is good. Make sure that you have enough light - it will help you. if it seems to you that the light is already ok - add another lamp. If you are a future Colorist - do a lot more colors and at least once, fuck, you drown the cartridge in caps. Think about your palette right off the bat of your career growth. take cool shades and palettes, create your own colors, remember. Draw what you like and enjoy. if you like it - you will definitely find at least a couple of fans who will love it too. To beat strips normally you have to tattoo at least 1 kilometer of outline work.

I am sure, you haven't seen moth like that before For Bradley #moth #mothtattoo #colourtattoo #neotraditional #wandal #violin

Fresh artists, guys and girls who want to beat the tattoos, listen here. You will always enjoy working if you do: understand people better. here is an unexpected tip. if someone told me in time that it was important ... respect yourself and your time, as well as your client’s time. This is a very important point. After such attitude towards another person, you will never allow yourself to be treated differently. and it will enhance your skill and experience. literally every day and designs will be cooler and customers will be cooler and money will be the sea. And bills and loans. Well, you get the point.

How do you feel about the future of the tattoo industry? What things need to change, and what needs to stay the same?

The industry is on fire, a great future! Whole factories, dudes, this equipment is for us! Feel the scale! Even your magazine speaks for itself. What we always needed, and especially now in the current conditions, is knowledge! Increasing knowledge of medical measures, workplace hygiene and protection, the safety of your own and your beloved client. For everyone without experience
in a tattoo parlor. And tattoo salons get a license for a reason. It is necessary for all tattooists with complaints and all without the proper experience - to teach the basics of procedures. let them learn to beat the tattoos on their own, to draw and understand people. do not care! but they need to know how to do the elementary set-up correctly. so as not to spoil people's impression of tattoos. And do not spoil people sad existence already.

I love the tattoo industry because we are all rock 'n' roll artists anyway. Ink boils in our veins. What is lacking in the market is a good alternative to plastic. I do hate plastic! A practical and cheap alternative is not enough. Recent years have been better with this phenomenon, but I am still wildly not happy with the amount of non-recyclable plastic at my workstation. this is perhaps the most acute problem in my opinion.

Beyond tattooing, what are you passionate about? How do you spend your free time, and what do you do on your vacations?

Well, first of all, I am a young dad. I have a smart 5 years old kid. My beloved wife, my daughter. the guys helps me in everything, I look at them now, and I have a smile from ear to ear. In my life, I was lucky to have faithful and desperate friends. we’re yelling and ruining our studio every weekend to made something cool and creative. in my childhood I just dreamed about this. You know, the last few months I started to produce and create my new mobile game for all platforms. an idea I’ve been thinking about since school As we all know already, I went into tattooing with a strong desire to create beauty. all my favorite games I played 12 years ago in my parents house were the motivation for me to start creating my own game.

The studio where we invent our tattoos for the leather armor of our customers, of course, stands on three whales and, despite the events in the world, is equipped and rethought to start working even more creative and safer. With an indestructible brainstorm, our adventure team generated an ALPHA plan. I re-approached the concept of the term “design” inside the studio. Look at us, help us become a part of your everyday life.

Serpent and lady tattoo sleeve by Wandal #Wandal #lady #portrait #snake #neotrad #blackandgrey

For the first time in my life, I was able to fly out of my hometown and visit another country when I was 20 years old. I love making tattoos here in London so much that I never thought of returning back home. I will not lie if I say that my whole career I was inspired by the local inhabitants of our fussy underground. But still for several years I traveled around Europe, worked on tattoo conventions mostly, tattooed on guest positions with great dudes. Maybe some of them are reading that now and smiling.) Damn, I even managed to survive in Russia, I think I'm ready to visit Uncle Sam. I carefully approached the construction of plan for USA trip: fly to the the USA and make a hit.

I have not yet found a cool studio where I could stay, but most definitely I am dreaming to see and drive that country along its wide roads! I could leave home for a couple of months if Mom let's go.

When you can't have a dog in your house, you can still have it on your skin Dobermann for Anna #dogtattoo #dobermann #colourtattoo #neotraditional #wandal #bicepstattoo

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