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No Love for Buzzfeed Employee's Trump Tattoo

No Love for Buzzfeed Employee's Trump Tattoo

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Making America Great Again... Immortalized

The internet is going crazy over Buzzfeed social media strategist Tim Treadstone's (aka Baked Alaska) Donald Trump tattoo. His followers are outraged about his support for The Donald, violent threats and all. 

Tim Treadstone's tattoo of Donald Trump #political #maga #DonaldTrump #america

Although he admits the tattoo was originally meant to be silly, the controversy has raised the issues of free speech and embracing diverse political views during this heated campaign season. 

Treadstone flashing his tattoo with fellow Trump supporter Mike Cernovich #political #DonaldTrump

There's no doubt that Treadstone is looking to spread a message among Trump fans to challenge the norm and oppose the mainstream media. 

Another Trump supporter's tattoo #political #thedonald #laughter #makeamericagreatagain

Even though there's been no word from Trump on this tattoo, here's some other related news you can check out:

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