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No One Gets Me Like You Do: Pet Portrait Tattoos

No One Gets Me Like You Do: Pet Portrait Tattoos

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These pet portrait tattoos show that mans best friend is definitely an animal.

When it comes to tattoos, pet portraits have always remained incredibly popular thanks to the special bond we share with the animals we love. For many pet owners, animal companions bring a sense of comfort, security, and happiness into daily life. From the dog that kisses you the moment you walk in the door to the cat who sleeps on your head at night, our furry, scaly, and feathered companions make every moment feel special.

Many have decided to express their love for their pet in the form of a pet portrait tattoo! These heart-warming pieces are a wonderful way to celebrate your bond with your animal. From betta fish to hairless cats, pet portrait tattoos are a creative and fun way to feel like your special pet is always with you.

Tattoo by Mick Gore #MickGore

Dog Portrait Tattoo

Whether you’re interested in a bright and bold Traditional dog portrait tattoo or a charming Neo-Traditional dog portrait tattoo with flowers, man’s best friend makes for stunning permanent art. Looking for a tiny pet tattoo? Explore the realm of Fine Line Micro pet portrait tattoos! Perfect for those looking to honor their special friend in a subtle way. For those interested in larger designs, Black and Grey Realistic dog portrait tattoos work wonderfully, as well as full-color Realism pieces.

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Cat Portrait Tattoo

If you have a special feline friend in your life, a cat portrait tattoo can be a wonderful way to celebrate them! Whether you select a Geometric-inspired cat design, a Neo-Traditional cat portrait with flowers, or a Japanese style rendering, cats make for incredible subject matter, working easily in a wide variety of styles. For additional creative accents, you can always experiment with botanicals, Ornamental picture frames, and ribbons bearing your cat’s name.

Hamster Portrait Tattoo

If you’re thinking of getting a hamster portrait tattoo, rest assured that these adorable little pets make for excellent permanent art! From heart-warming Neo-Traditional hamster portraits to elegant Fine Line pieces, you can showcase your pet hamster any way you choose. For additional fun, you can always incorporate humorous and quirky elements like pizza, ramen noodles, and teacups.

Rabbit Portrait Tattoo

Looking to keep your pet rabbit with you forever? Rabbit portrait tattoos are a beautiful way to honor your bond with your pet. Not confined to any particular style, rabbit portrait tattoos can work as Geometric abstract pieces, Fine Line renderings, Neo-Traditional portraits, and Realism style creations. If you’re looking to add additional symbols or imagery to your rabbit tattoo, explore accents like flowers, foliage, and ornate frames.

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Ferret Portrait Tattoo

Ferrets are well-known for their interactive and mischievous nature, making them incredibly fun and charming subject matter for tattoos. From New-School style ferrets smoking cigarettes to spunky Irezumi ferrets playing, ferrets work wonderfully as permanent art and can be easily be adapted into any style or look you prefer.

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Goldfish Portrait Tattoo

They may get a bad wrap for that short attention span of theirs, but those glittering scales and graceful fins make goldfish a perfect option for a pet portrait tattoo. Fish are a very popular motif in many tattoo styles, especially Japanese and Neo Traditional, but they truly look good in every style! We've even been seeing some Hyperrealism goldfish that we absolutely adore.

Bird Portrait Tattoo

Being surrounded by sweet songbirds is truly a blessing, and if you feel particularly attached to your feathered friends, perhaps think of getting a winged pet portrait tattoo to celebrate them! Birds are definitely a favorite in Traditional iconography, but a love for fowl transcends cultures so you can easily find an artist in any style who can whip up a nice bird tattoo for you.

Top Styles for Pet Portrait Tattoos

Neo-Traditional Pet Portraits

If you’re a fan of pet portrait tattoos, you’re probably familiar with the heart-warming and lovable aesthetic of Neo-Traditional tattooing. From painterly accents to charming picture frames, rising suns, flowers, and foliage, this classic style allows for bold and colorful portraiture of your beloved pet. For those who enjoy strong complementary color palettes, expressive pet portraits, and feminine details, a Neo-Traditional pet portrait may be an excellent choice for you!

Blackwork Pet Portrait Tattoos

If you’re not a fan of colorful tattoos, but you’re interested in a pet portrait, Blackwork may be the perfect style to explore. From fierce Blackwork Doberman tattoos to mischievous Blackwork cats, this style feels bold, badass, and timeless. Many who have chosen this style for their pet portrait have also explored additional elements like Lettering, Geometric accents, and spiritual symbols.

Traditional Pet Portrait Tattoos

If you’re looking for a bright and colorful pet tattoo with strong line work and bold composition, Traditional is the way to go! This style is also perfect for those looking to add fun or quirky accents to their tattoo, like various food items, sassy quotes, and silly pet costumes.

Realism Pet Portrait Tattoos

If you’re searching for a photo-realistic tattoo of your beloved pet, the realms of Color Realism or Black and Grey Realism may be the perfect avenue. Whether you’re interested in a large-scale sleeve featuring your favorite pet, or a tiny and subtle tattoo, Realism works wonderfully for pet portraits.

Geometric Pet Portraits

If you love sacred geometry, abstract elements, and Dotwork accents, you may fall in love with the look of Geometric style pet portraits. Often possessing a spiritual and mysterious flair, these pieces can work to communicate the eternal connection we share with our animals while looking mesmerizing on the skin.

By RO. Robert Pavez • Eternal Friend ? • Done in studio ZOI TATTOO • Stockholm ?? 2019 #engraving #dotwork #etching #dot #linework #geometric #ro #blackwork #blackworktattoo #blackandgrey #black #tattoo #fineline

Irezumi Pet Portraits

Irezumi, or Japanese style tattoos, are often filled with expressive, wild, and emotive animals. If you’re searching for a style that can encompass your pet’s unique personality, or capture them in a high-action moment, Irezumi is a medium to explore. Many who choose a Japanese style aesthetic for their pet portrait tattoo also add humorous and surprising elements like food items, designs on the animal’s fur, or tokens of luck or strength.

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Micro Pet Portraits

If you’re drawn to Fine Line styles and looking for a pet portrait that is subtle and tiny, a Micro pet portrait tattoo might be the perfect fit for you! From tiny turtle tattoos to mini parakeet pieces, Micro style tattoos are a great way to showcase your love for your pet in an elegant and understated manner.

Watercolor Pet Portraits

If you love vibrant colors, galactic vibes, or vivid paint splatters, a Watercolor pet portrait may be the best style for you! Always cheerful and creative, Watercolor style pet portraits possess an upbeat vibe and artistic feel. This style can also work wonderfully with paw print tattoos, minimalist animal outlines, and painterly accents.

Fineline Pet Portraits

If you’re a fan of single-needle tattoos and smooth shading, a Fineline pet portrait may be the best style for you. Looking for additional symbolism to your design? Try experimenting with design elements like foliage, flowers, lunar cycles, and geometric shapes.

Fineline dog portrait tattoo by Elena Arsova Pužar #ElenaArsovaPuzar #fineline #petportrait #dog

New School Pet Portraits

If you love exaggerated caricature style pet portraits, a New School pet portrait tattoo may be the best choice for you! Through distorted features, vivid color use, and Surrealist design aspects, you can create a pet portrait that emphasizes your animal’s big personality and adorable features.

flatcoated retriever! Dog tattoo by Jacob Wiman #JacobWiman #dog #petportrait #newschool #beanie #carhartt

Top Motifs for Pet Portrait Tattoos


Flowers bring a special quality to pet portrait tattoos through their beauty, deep symbolism, and innocence. When choosing flowers to adorn your pet portrait, you can always explore hidden meanings behind the plants to maximize your tattoo’s significance.

Picture Frame

From ornate Baroque styles to jeweled metallic frames, accenting your pet portrait with a decorative picture frame is a great way to dress up your tattoo!

Geometric Elements

If you’re looking for a simple and powerful way to adorn your pet portrait tattoo, try experimenting with geometric shapes in the background, or framing your design.


Whether you’d like your pet’s name displayed in cursive font atop a banner, or you prefer a Fine Line minimalist style lettering, adding meaningful quotes or pet names to a pet portrait tattoo is an excellent way to personalize it! A lot of people even just get the name or first initial as a memorial tattoo. It's totally up to you!

Snacks and Treats

From puppies dreaming of pizza and fried chicken, to cats emerging from bowls of ramen noodles, food elements have always been popular additives to pet portraits. If you’re looking for a quirky and cute piece, this can be an excellent route to explore.

pizza rat tattoo by Guen Douglas #GuenDouglas #rat #petportrait #pizza #animal #neotraditional

Top Pet Portrait Tattoo Artists Near You


Goldy Z, New York, NY
Megan Massacre, Lower East Side, NY
Jasmine Worth, San Diego, CA
Alex Zampiri, East Greenville, PA
Meagan Bohrer, Philadelphia, PA
Tommy Sisneros, Edgewater, CO


Antony Flemming, Calgary, Alberta


Ricky Williams, London, GB
Sadee Glover, Swindon, Wiltshire, GB
Akuma Shugi, Brighton, UK


Mick Gore, Taoyuan City, TW
Liang Liang, Beijing, CN

South America

Tania Maia, Lima, Lima


Guen Douglas, Berlin, Berlin
Mike End, Paris, FR
Jacob Wiman, Malmö, SE

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