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No One Gets Me Like You Do: Pet Portrait Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

No One Gets Me Like You Do: Pet Portrait Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

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These pet portrait tattoos show that mans best friend is definitely an animal.

Pet portrait tattoos are among the most popular and it's obvious why: pets are the bomb. For the most part, they don't get in fights with us, are always there when we need them, they make us smile when we're down, they keep us from feeling lonely...they're great travel, clearly these are all generalizations. Some dogs destroy couches, while some cats will tear apart a years supply of toilet paper...and usually it's just all in good fun! And plus, that guilty look they get on their face when they know they've done something bad is soooooo cute! So these pet portrait tattoos just celebrate how much we love our pets, and all of the reasons why we keep them around even when sometimes they drive us crazy.

We realize that people are still arguing about whats better, cats or dogs, which is kind of a ridiculous argument considering "to each their own", but we get's kind of awesome standing up for what you love. We believe that there is a movie that actually answers this is the great equalizer of people and pets. Also, it makes us cry every single time we watch it: Homeward Bound! You know, the sticky sweet family adventure about two pups and a kitty who accidentally get lost when they think they've been left behind. No, these pet portrait tattoos don't exactly have anything to do with the above, but they kind of do...most people get pet portrait tattoos when they've found their animal soul mate. We're pretty sure that all those kids in Homeward Bound would definitely have grown up and gotten their pets tattooed on them. What better way to memorialize the most brave and incredible three pets in movie history?!

So, we've selected some of the best pet portrait tattoos, but we'd like to see yours! This particular collection has cats, dogs, and bunnies...but theres gotta be someone out there who owns a Komodo Dragon and has had its lovely face tattooed somewhere on their body. Where the weird animal pet portraits at? Send 'em on over!

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