No Rose Without a Thorn: Tattoo of the Day Gathers Rose Tattoos

No Rose Without a Thorn: Tattoo of the Day Gathers Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos are a perennial favorite. Sorry about the pun, but not sorry about these gorgeous buds!

There are many myths and legends surrounding the creation of the rose. Its beauty, its fragrance, even the thorns have stories that explain the conception of this glorious flower. These rose tattoos are awesome embodiments of humans' constant attraction to a flower that has had everyone smitten since the dawn of time. 

The Roman myth behind the birth of the elegant rose begins with Flora, Goddess of Spring and Flowers, walking through the lush lands under her rule. Of course, part of the allure of the rose is its danger, like a real femme fatale, so it only makes sense that the rose would flourish under the hand of Flora by way of a corpse. The Goddess Flora, finding her most favorite and treasured nymph lying cold among the blades of grass, called upon the other Gods to turn the nymphs body into a flower. The myth continues that Apollo breathed life into the bloom, while Bacchus gave her the flowing fruits of nectar, and Vertumnus, God of seasons, gardens, and growth, bestowed the rose with her intoxicating fragrance.

Rose tattoos capture the many concepts seen within the myths...and it's incredible that such a lovely creature would span a vast many emotive ideas so seamlessly. Life and death, beauty and brutality commingle quietly under the soft petals, for what would a rose be without its thorns? This bountiful piece of nature must protect herself somehow...

Each of these rose tattoos exemplifies a different style, a different design...they show that although rose tattoos are a timeless and gorgeous concept, there are many ways to adapt it. Just as there are many myths, there are many reasons why people are so attracted to this lavish flower. If you find yourself inspired by these pieces and would like to get your own, check out our app for artists and shops near you. We always try to bring you the highest quality, and these rose tattoos are no different.

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