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No Scrubs! Just Flawless Lady Head Tattoos

No Scrubs! Just Flawless Lady Head Tattoos

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For International Women's Day, this Friday, we are celebrating incredible female tattoo artists who do fab lady head tattoos!

International Women's Day is about celebrating women, in all of their glory. Half of the world is made up of women, and this day is in place to empower them and uplift them. If you look at the trials and tribulations of the female population over centuries of time, you may be able to understand why an event of this nature is so necessary and so important. For this particular celebratory day, we brought together lady head tattoos, portraits of women by women. These lady tattooists are known for their incredible work...and how wonderfully they capture the female form.

Portraits are difficult to do in the first place, but when you're dealing with capturing the essence of something it can be even that much more difficult! The women who created these lady head tattoos wonderfully illustrate that which is female...which, really, knows no boundaries or limits. There are all types of women out there...punk, fem, pin up, strong...the list could literally go on forever. For people out there who identify as female, the descriptions, their attributes, what they love and what they's so much, and all of it is so beautiful. These lady head tattoos certainly project some of the aspects of femininity....but our collection of pieces would have to be thousands, millions of images deep to show every aspect indeed!

For International Women's Day we hope that you show the women in your life how much you appreciate and care about them. We, of course, would say that booking a lady head tattoo with an artist of your choice on the Tattoodo App might be a good way to go...don't you think your mom, partner, sister, or bff would love that? How about swapping portrait tattoos of each other to show your love? Speaking of...we need to make appointments too!

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