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Nobody Does it Like You Do: Tattoodo Ambassador's Awesome Tattoos

Nobody Does it Like You Do: Tattoodo Ambassador's Awesome Tattoos

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In this Tattoodo Ambassador spotlight we highlight awesome tattoos that will make you yearn for more ink. Want cool tattoos? Here ya go!

Always on the look out for stand out talent, we at Tattoodo give homage to some of our favorite Tattoodo Ambassadors who continue to raise the bar and produce ink that stuns us with its style and beauty! We are dedicated to bringing you high quality tattoos all the time, no matter what. We love to celebrate this craft and all the incredible art and artists it contains! But we also love to continue to flourish and evolve our community, which means we're definitely excited to have these Ambassadors who support our mission, and vice versa.

Asking what makes the best tattoo is sort of like asking what makes the best tattoo artist. We'll take a look at these awesome tattoos by our Tattoodo Ambassadors as an example. A great tattooist is devoted to the craft and mastery of tattooing. They want their work to be unique, and to stand the test of time. This is also what makes an awesome tattoo...we've heard it from so many artists: having the "best" tattoo is a matter of opinion, aesthetic and perspective. Sometimes people have really crappy's not technically good, but maybe that person loves their crappy tat no matter what, which makes it great! That being said, we here at Tattoodo hope that we can help you kill two birds with one stone: technically wonderful works of art, blended with an experience and artist that you'll always treasure. That is possibly the epitome of a great tattoo, right?

This is partly why we have Tattoodo Ambassadors: to show an example of the best of the best. Best tattoos, best experience, and best tattoo artist. For example, Jo Harrison and her partner Hanumantra recently came out with a short film documenting their collaboration on a huge back piece. The film not only talks about what it's like to collab with another artist, as well as the client, but it also talked about the ritual of tattooing, how it can be meditative, and transforming. For some people, this is exactly the type of experience they're looking for. They want a tattoo that embodies a philosophy or spirit. Everyone is looking for something that resonates with them, however, and we hope that our Ambassadors prove that there is an answer for everyones tattoo needs!

As we said, we're always looking for new talent to support...if you know of an artist, or are one yourself, and you're looking to show your artwork to the world, let us know! We have millions of users across our social platforms and we love to support art. It's basically what we're here for. Day in and day out, we look at tattoo art all day's what we love, and we want to make sure we're giving all that love straight to you. Sorry if that's too sticky sweet and mushy, but we can't help that we love what we do!

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