Nobody Puts Patrick Swayze Tattoos In a Corner

Nobody Puts Patrick Swayze Tattoos In a Corner

“Ghost like Swayze” has taken on a very sad meaning these last 7 years.

Recently, after having been cut off by one of New Jersey’s finest drivers, I let loose one of my favorite insults, “I used to fuck guys like you in prison.” This was followed by immediate sadness as I realized that the man who spoke this glorious line is still dead. That’s right, today we’re talking Swayze. So let’s jump right into it with a look back at his fantastic career and, of course, some kickass Patrick Swayze tattoos.

Swayze was born in Houston, Texas in 1952. As a child he showed great talent for ice skating, ballet, and acting. At the age of 20, Swayze moved to New York City to formally study dance in both the Harkness and Joffrey ballet schools. He began his career as a professional dancer with Disney on Parade. He then landed the role of Danny Zuko in a long-running Broadway production of Grease. In 1979, Swayze landed his first movie role in Skatetown, USA, a cash-in on the short-lived fad of roller disco.

In 1983 Swayze continued along his path to true stardom with a role in The Outsiders, followed next year by an appearance in Red Dawn. In 1987, he became a household name with the lead role in Dirty Dancing, a film which he was born to star in, given his dancing background.

This was followed by further iconic roles in Road House, Ghost, and Point Break, all of which were huge hits. We could do a whole article on Point Break alone. His turn as surfer and bank robber Bodhi is without a doubt our favorite performance of Swayze’s career. It lead People Magazine to name him 1991’s sexiest man alive.

Though the early ‘90s were the apex of his career, Swayze worked steadily over the next two decades. In 2008, it was reported that the beloved actor had pancreatic cancer. Within two short years he was gone.

Patrick Swayze lives on through his brilliant filmography and some touching fan tattoos. So why not check out these radical Patrick Swayze tattoos and then pop Point Break in your DVD player? There truly is no better way to honor this legend of the silver screen.

These Patrick Swayze tattoos are all beautiful memorials to one of Hollywood’s greatest (and, let’s face it, sexiest) actors. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss the fuck out of that dude. RIP Swayze.

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