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Nostalgic Fall Tattoos: The Magic of Cider and Sweets

Nostalgic Fall Tattoos: The Magic of Cider and Sweets

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These Fall Tattoos will make you nostalgic for the taste of hot apple cider and Halloween sweets.

Yes, we're still over here eating cranberry sauce, while romanticizing the leaf colors, pumpkin carving, and witchy vibes of fall. While there are four seasons to choose from, we'll take fall. And why is that? Halloween, free candy, Thanksgiving, food, dress-up, spooky haunted things, and hot apple cider. There's tons more, but we decided to whip up a collection of Fall Tattoos to keep you in that lovely sweater weather mood. Cuz let's face it...once winter hits, and in some places it already has, there may be tons of holidays to celebrate, but they usually come with the danger of frostbite.

Perhaps you live in, say, Costa Rica or Stellenbosch, South Africa. Apparently these spots have weather that is literally always perfect...but if you live in New York, you know that snow days (which quickly turn into slush days) are upon you once fall disperses. Not to mention rush hour on subway trains when everyone is wearing a 30 pound winter coat and suffering from Seasonal Depression. But when you look at these Fall Tattoos, it almost seems as if the season could last forever...and that may be the reason why these cool kats decided to pick up these pieces in the first place.

You can almost hear the crunching of crimson and ochre leaves under your feet when you look at Rachel Behm's tattoo...Halloween feels like it's just around the corner when admiring Angelo Parente's piece...and Pony Reinhardt's Thanksgiving Feast looks like it could give all year long. It's this kind of emotive power that tattoos can give, especially when they are of your favorite time or place. Your memories are so perfectly tied to the piece that every time you look at it, you're transported back to wonderful moments. We hope these Fall Tattoos do just that, and you can keep the golden glow of cider with you all year long!

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