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Ode to Female Artists: Fiercely Ravishing Frida Kahlo Tattoos

Ode to Female Artists: Fiercely Ravishing Frida Kahlo Tattoos

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Liberate yourself with an empowering tattoo to celebrate one of the strongest and most-beloved female icons and painters.

You will recognize the striking features from anywhere — the thick, converging eye brows, the ever-present flower crown, the intense look in her dark eyes. Frida Kahlo was more than a female Mexican artist who lived one tragic yet enchanted life devoted to her two greatest loves — painting and Diego Rivera. Despite only being posthumously celebrated as a painter, Frida became a strong female icon many women found worthy to look up to today. She was a bold, liberated woman who found her voice in her works. Diego, despite their mutual shortcomings, adored her and saw each other as the greatest painters in their eyes.

Many men and women continue to pay tribute to this woman through works that will live on — tattoos designed by many talented artists who bring her to life again and again with their stunning creations.

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