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Office X Tattoodo: NYC Tattoo Flash Pop Up

Office X Tattoodo: NYC Tattoo Flash Pop Up

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Office Magazine and Tattoodo came together to throw a tattoo flash event in NYC to support diversity and community in tattoo culture.

On September 6th, Office Magazine and Tattoodo collaborated on an incredible event that focused on celebrating the new wave of tattooing with a focus on avant-garde aesthetics and freedom of expression. 

Cake, who hails from Coney Island, is deeply devoted to the mission of creating safe spaces for women and LGBTQ+ folks within the tattoo community. Her style ranges from Realism, Illustrative, and clever takes on Old School icons. 

Not only a huge part of her artistic output and tattooing philosophy, Cake and her wife are passionate about creating initiatives to empower others through community events and radical acts of kindness. Girly Only, their philanthropic organization, recently held their first End of Summer BBQ that brought family, friends, and sponsors together to give 50 kids backpacks, school supplies, haircuts, and a day of full-throttle fun. 

Trash Baby is a trans multimedia artist who considers the tattoo art form to be profoundly transformative and ritualistic. Rather than viewing tattoos as a trend, or merely decorative, her pieces are modern armor, a sheath to protect against the trials and tribulations of reality. "The images that I make are meant to be sigils of self-love, overcoming adversity, freedom, absurdity, and intimacy." 

"When I'm tattooing people I want them to be present with themselves. I want it to be something transformative..." It's basically her calling card: work that makes the body bare through honest and bold expression. And the extremely powerful pieces Trash Baby created while at the Office X Tattoodo tattoo flash pop up are perfect epitomes of that. 

Fuzi began his aesthetic expression using graffiti and street art as creative outlets. He soon turned to tattooing, creating the Ignorant Style that has become a worldwide phenomenon. He wasn’t looking to revolutionize the industry...he simply produced a channel for artistic elucidation that he wasn’t finding anywhere else. 

Cool cats wearing Cholo Locs and weilding spray cans, palm trees in paradise, uzi’s, karate chops and middle fingers, Fuzi’s flash for the Office X Tattoodo tattoo event was indicative of his playful nature. Still heavily involved in the street art scene, Fuzi’s an intermedia artist who rejoices in the use of technique and medium to have fun while rejecting the norm. "Graffiti you make zero money...and when I started tattooing, it was the same. It wasn't ever for money. Your goal has to be: try to do something different. Try to express yourself. And this is the most important stuff." 

Our deepest thanks to the artists, Cake, Fuzi, and Trash Baby, as well as everyone who attended. Our thanks also to the production team, as well as photographer Colby Edwards who so eloquently captured the friends and fam who were present. 

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

Social Producer, Journalist, Editor, and Curator for Tattoodo I am here to support you 🌻 IG: @lathe.of.heaven

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