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Oh Boy! Apparently Sarah Snyder Got A Jaden Smith Tattoo

Oh Boy! Apparently Sarah Snyder Got A Jaden Smith Tattoo

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The model got a tattoo that many believe to be a tribute to her beau.

Sarah Snyder has been dating Jaden Smith according to all of the teenagers I talk to who care about that kind of stuff. This fact has never been more evident than with Ms. Snyder's new tattoo.

According to people who pay attention to these things, Snyder visited celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy to get the letters "JNS" on her upper thigh.

Many people who care speculate the "JNS" is somehow related to her BAE, Jaden Smith. Some believe it might stand for "Jaden n' Sarah" or maybe the first and last letters of Jaden's name?

One thing is certain, JonBoy is rolling in the sweet celebrity clientele money. It seems like every celebrity is heading to the dude to get some ink done.

JonBoy and Sarah Snyder after the tattoo was finished. #SarahSnyder #JadenSmith #JonBoy

Check out JonBoy's IG for updates on his star-studded clientele. 

Written byJoe

I'm Joe. I'm a comedian and writer from Baltimore. Follow me on Twitter @joewelkie

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