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Oilburner: Macabre, Metal and Blackwork

Oilburner: Macabre, Metal and Blackwork

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Immerse yourself in inky darkness with Oilburner's macabre works.

Oilburner's gritty and morbid blackwork tattoos reflect the monochrome kaleidoscope of his influences and the deepest parts of his tortured soul. A product of the Los Angeles underground scene, tattoo artist and musician Oilburner molds his craft with his metal influence, and rap and graffiti roots. At 16, he picked up a tattoo machine and began tattooing friends just for fun. Pursuing it as a career wasn't on his mind — what do you expect from someone at that age? Soon, he developed his own style and met like-minded people who helped him navigate his way into the industry.

Oilburner is known in the tattoo scene for his gritty blackwork and handstyle, working on mostly script and dark imagery. There are heavy morbid and metal themes in his works, laced with gothic script and arcane handstyle. He also splits his time between his art and music- playing in a punk band and working on couple of side projects.

The work of this Los Angeles-based tattooer are unique in a way that they're bold and imposing, but also contain a kind of fragility that resonates beyond the sinister occult symbolisms and grim details. Many admire his works mainly for his handstyles and script — many of which are skillfully crafted on fingers.

Oilburner also lists fellow blackwork tattoo artists Delphine Noiztoy and Yann Brenyak as some of his biggest influences and inspirations.

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