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Old Man Yells At Cloud. No, You Shouldn’t Get a Neck Tattoo.

Old Man Yells At Cloud. No, You Shouldn’t Get a Neck Tattoo.

Tattoo Ideas3 min Read

"I'm a millennial and I'll get these hand and neck tattoos if I want to." - The Guy Pouring My Coffee This Morning

Editor's Note: We love tattoos no matter where they are on your body, but not everyone in your day to day life is going to feel the same way. If you're young, please make your tattoo choices responsibly. 

Are you a tattoo artist? Are you an established rock star? Do you own a successful business? Are you a professional athlete of some kind? Are you absolutely certain that you have your life planned out and a bright, secure future ahead of you?

Print this out, slam a few Ecto-Coolers, and head down to your nearest tattoo shop. #neck #necktattoo

All kinds of shit happens in life. Unexpected shit. Shit you can’t anticipate. Shit you never imagined happening to you. When you’re a fully functioning adult, you start to realize that you need to plan for that inevitable hurricane of shit that can reign down on you at any moment.

Written byTattoodo

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