Old School Freehand Tattoos by Max Kuhn

Old School Freehand Tattoos by Max Kuhn

Pen in hand Max Kuhn creates some rad traditional tattoos with no stencil.

Tattoo artist Max Kuhn has a big reputation within the industry, being regarded as one of the best traditional tattooers in the business and they're not wrong. What makes Kuhn's work most impressive, however, is the fact that with a number of Kuhn's designs he draws them straight on to the skin- no stencil, just pen, ink and a tattoo machine.

Dragons, tigers, old school pin-ups and the classic rock of ages, you name a traditional design and Kuhn could draw it directly onto your body before hammering it in with ink. Proving himself to be one of the coolest traditional tattooers of the day Kuhn's work speaks volumes and when you see the drawn on design to the finished result you'll be left speechless. 

See the best of Kuhn's freehand bangers below -  if you're an old school and traditional tattoo fan - you're about to have your mind blown. 

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All images from Instagram 

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